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Baked Cham Cham
This heavenly delight is made using fresh rasgullas and simmered in thickened milk. Pistachios and s...
S$ 9.90
Malai Chop
Malai Chop is a traditional Bengali Sweet dish prepared from Chenna. It cylindrical in shape and red...
S$ 9.90
Gulab Jamun
Fried Cheese balls soaked in sugar syrup served hot.
S$ 7.90
Kulfi Pista
Traditional Indian Ice Cream flavoured with saffron, rose and pistachio.
S$ 8.90
Alphonso Mango Kulfi
Specia Alphonsol mango Indian Ice Cream popularly known as Kulfi.
Part of seasonal menu so dont mis...
S$ 9.90
Cottage cheese balls in thickened flavoured milk with pistachio.
S$ 9.90
Gulab Jamun With Ice Cream
Amazing combination of hot gulab jamun in cold vanilla ice cream and pista.
S$ 8.90
Almond Ice Cream Cake
Ice Creame cake for Birthday Celebration .Crunchy with roasted almonds in between the tasty vanilla ...
S$ 24.90
Vanilla Ice Cream
Scoop of vanilla ice creame served with crisp wafer
S$ 6.90
Caramel Pudding
Pudding with thickened milk, egg yolk and vanilla caramelised and steamed.
S$ 8.90
Samolina and flour spiked with ani seed in truly a sweet ending
S$ 6.90
Malpoa with Rabdi
Samolina and flour spiked with ani seed in truly a sweet ending topped with our delicious rabdi
S$ 8.90
Patishapta With Kheer
Soft Creppe filled with baked creame and dessicated coconut topped with cardomum flavoured cheese pu...
S$ 12.90
Mishti Doi
Yoghurt caramelised and set in moulds served garnished with almond flakes is an exotic sweet ending ...
S$ 7.90
Baked Roshogolla - 2 Pcs
Exotic of the exotics .. These soft cheese balls are baked with in milk. Unique low sweet and leavin...
S$ 9.90
Baked Sondesh
Exotic and rare .. Made from fresh cheese baked with date palm jaggery is a must try . Individually ...
S$ 9.90
Bengal special pudding with gobindo bhog rice, cashew , raisin and cream
S$ 8.90

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