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Pre Order is our direct home delivery system. Fifth Season is known for its quality and taste from past 15 years. Recently we have upgraded our food quality with use of air frying technology or steam functions for cooking our dishes . Colours and additivesare not used for cooking purposes.
Our Indian dishes are herb based , mostly dishes marinated with mustard oil. Meats are slow cooked or sous vide over long number of hours to cook in its own juices .

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Promotion- Weekday Lunch- Awesome Combos

Ala Russe Bengali

This her based rare cuisine
is a special offering from Kolkata Beckons

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Tangra Chinese

Awesome combo of your favorite food
since 2006, explore the Fifth Taste

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Tangra Chinese Unique Homemade Sauces

Hot Garlic Chilli Soya Manchurian Oyster Mustard Szechwan Parsley Mild Garlic Sweet n Sour Sweet Garlic Mild Garlic Oyster

Tangra Chinese Chefs and videos