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Chicken Thukpa Spicy
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NonVeg  Spicy
Tibetan hearty and spicy noodle soup with fresh red chilli paste with minced chicken.

Thukpa - Hearty and spicy noodle soup with fresh red chilli paste with minced chicken served in layers .

The dish is of Tibetan origin . Today Momos are popular Asian delicacy found in Nepal , Sikkim , Bhutan and India . Momos are very popular in Nepal and Darjeeling in West Bengal. Influx of Tibetan diaspora in Kolkata and Tangra brought about awareness of various versions of Momos and it changed it flavours to suit the locals taste. Thukpa Soup is a hearty noodle soup with vegetables and chilli hot. At Fifth Season we prepare the soup in layers and diner can enjoy the soup slowly mixing and enjoying the soup on each scoop.

This soup is not served by diving into more portions from one portion because we recommend to enjoy and appreciate it by have a full meal with it with ordering steam momos. Experience of having Thukpa Soup with steamed momos will leave an unforgettable long lasting remembrance of dining with us.

Food to pair with Thukpa Soup is

Vegetable Steamed Momos

Chicken Steamed Momos

We have an excellent Lunch Set Combo Veg Set AVeg Set B and Chicken Set A. The pairing of the Thukpa Soup with hot steamed momos and stir fried exotic veg complete meal with a drink and a dessert is what you need to reward yourself with at just $16.50/ per set .  

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