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Spice Level : Medium to Very Spicy
Colour and consistency : Black brown colour and consistency is Dry to Semi Gravy
Other Info : To enjoy the taste and flavour of the sauce please keep the choice to dry prepration to semi gravy. More gravy dilutes the smoke flavour..
Accompaniment : Dry dishes like Chilli Chicken , Chilli Fish, Chilli Mock , Sweet Corn Curd,Mushroom , etc are excellent starters with drinks,  beer, liquor, fancy cocktails and mocktails

Birthed in West Bengal , this dark brown smoky sauce is a perfect mix of super dark and light soya sauce with fresh green chillies spicing up this Cantonese bland sauce. This was introduced to Indians by Chinese migrants and is the essence of Indian Chinese Cuisine. Vegetarians love to toss crispy mushrooms or paneer and seafood lovers in boneless fish and deshelled prawns.

The green chilies in Kolkata’s chilli chicken might have got replaced by dry red chilli in Delhi’s chilli chicken, but the Indian Chinese food fever did not spare any Indian from great grandson to great grandfather. You may find Indians not knowing about many regionally popular Indian dishes but you cannot find an Indian not knowing about Hakka Chowmein, Chilli Chicken and Gobi Manchurian.

At Fifth Season we offer over 15 dishes both in veg as well as in non veg dishes, both as dry and as gravy so you can feast your taste buds. Our most popular dishes using chilli are Chilli Chicken, Chilli Fish, Chilli Mushroom, Chilli Mock Chicken, Chilli Paneer.


Below is complete list of all our dishes with chilli sauce: