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Basic Sauces

Chilli Soya Sauce

Chilli sauce is a perfect mix of dark and light soya sauce with fresh green chillies spicing up this Cantonese sauce by Chinese migrants is the essence of Indian Chinese Cuisine Read More...


Manchurian Sauce

Manchurian sauce is a brown sauce, prepared with brown soya sauce ,fresh tomato puree and spicing it with chopped green chillies and coriander leaves. The tangy sauce became very popular and vegetarian Read More...

Hot Garlic Sauce

Hot Garlic sauce is a very tasty sauce with chopped garlic, chilli paste, spring onion and a perfect balance of sweet and salt that every item prepared in this sauce comes out to be perfectly blended enhancing the dish taste Read More...

Coriander Chilli Sauce

The refreshing taste of fresh parsley or coriander with green chilli and tossing of the dishes in a high flame wok with diced capsicums , onions and a perfect blending of the dishes in the sauce is a great choice at Fifth Season Tangra Chinese.

Sweet n Sour Sauce

Sweet and sour with diced pineapple and capsicums is anfavourite sauce with children and many who love the Crispy noodles in this fruity sauce.

Szechwan Sauce

Szechwan Sauce at Fifth Season is special due to its chillies being pickled along with the tedius way of preparing this fiery sauce with red chilli and sichuan pepper. The sauce is spicy but our skilled chefs have perfectly blended the numbing sensation of the pepper with chilli sauce.

Special Invents and chef special Sauce

Kasundi (Pickled Mustard sauce)

Kasundi is pickled mustard sauce painstakingly prepared by our Chef in a long process. Mixed of Bengal black mustard and yellow mustard pasted and pickled with raw mango is an exotic preparation of Fifth Season Tangra Chinese Read More...